We offer multiple services to Chihuahua owners.
We offer boarding for chihuahuas in our home.  Your chi will be
kept in a safe home environment while you travel.  Your chihuahua
will recieve lots of love and the best of care.  Grooming is included
if needed.  This is far better than a stressful stay at the kennel.  
Boarding rate is $10 a day.
We offer quick and easy nail trimming.  We offer sanitary clips to
keep your chi pretty and clean.  We also offer other grooming
services.  Contact us for pricing and details.  In some cases we may be
able to come to your home to groom.
We offer training in conformation, agility, obedience, and behavior
issues.  Helen has successfully shown dogs in agility for many years
and has won many many titles on them including Excellent level
titles.  We also offer training in canine draft/cart work.   We have
many years of experience retraining rescued dogs and badly
behaved Chis.   Contact us for details!