Longcoat Chihuahua growth and development
These pages are designed to give you a better understanding of how longcoat chis develop.  
As you peruse these pages note how these dogs go through many different stages before
becoming beautiful adults.

When longcoat Chis are born they appear to be smoothcoat.  They are blind and weigh only a
few ounces.

At 2 weeks the pup's eyes and ears open, and they begin to crawl.  By now the pups have
doubled or tripled in weight.  You may be able to differentiate between the coats of longcoat
and smoothcoat.  Note that as pups grow their white markings shrink.

At 3 weeks the pups can toddle.

At 4 weeks they are eating soft food.

By 4 weeks they are beginning to be fuzzy longcoat pups.

At 6 weeks they are adorable, and trying kibble.  Their ears may go down at this point

By 8 weeks they are weaned and are at the peak of coat.  After this their puppy coat will
decline until they appear to be smoothcoat.

By 4 months they are gawky teenagers.  They will very little hair, and by 5 months may be
almost bald.  Their ears may look like a hound's, and their legs could fit a greyhound.  Then
they come out of adolescence.  They should begin to get in their adult teeth.

By 6 months they have some coat.  Their ears will be slowly standing up.  Their legs fit, and
they are getting in the last of their adult teeth.

By 8 months they are obvious longcoats.  Their ears should stand up.

Their coat will continue growing as longcoat chis do not get their full coat until 2 years of
Here are some examples of how chis grow
9 weeks
6 weeks
5.5 months
7 months
2 weeks
4 weeks
14 weeks
Faerie Garden's Blue Sapphire
2 years
Faerie Gardens Precious Jewel
This growth chart can help determine
your chi's approximate adult size.
1 year
3 weeks
1 week
4 weeks
16 weeks
10 weeks
5 months